TXT’s Taehyun Can’t Wait To Tell BTS’s J-Hope That He Received A Compliment For Being Like Him

How cute is this!

TXT’s Taehyun received a huge compliment from Big Hit Entertainment’s staff and he couldn’t be happier!

During a recent photo shoot, Taehyun received a compliment of ‘호비있다’ (there’s Hobi), which was is an official phrase used by Big Hit’s staff to mean that you are doing a great job on your own.

So when Taehyun heard a staff member say “There’s Hobi”, he thought he misheard them. “I was like,’ There’s Hobi?’ Did I hear that right?”

Taehyun did hear about this phrase being used and knew that J-Hope was famous among staff members for being good at everything, making this a great compliment for him.

Coincidentally, Taehyun’s most recent text was with J-Hope so he plans on sending him a message soon to tell him that he heard this compliment!

Fans who saw this were happy to see this interaction between Big Hit groups.

| @TXT_members/Twitter
  • “That’s quite a compliment for Hoseok. Staff knows more than anyone how any member of BTS performs himself.”
  • “Hobi the golden hyung.”
  • “When he said he’s going to text him and tell the story is so cute.”
  • “Wow this is really a great compliment. Can’t believe that the staff said this. Taehyun must be so happy to receive this compliment. And I’m jealous that he can actually contact J-Hope to tell him this!”