TXT’s Taehyun Catches Attention For His Manners While Filming Their MV

It came naturally to him.

During TXT‘s filming of their first comeback music video “Nine And Three Quarters (Run Away)”, Taehyun caught fans’ attention for his manners.


In the notable scene where he takes off his AirPods in a bustling hallway full of students, Taehyun manages to keep a straight face for filming.

During a brief break, Taehyun didn’t forget his manners just because he was there for filming. When students passed by, he greeted them not only with eye contact but a slight bow.

The moment had warmed MOAs’ hearts to see him be so polite, even when he was in the middle of filming.

Almost no one can beat Taehyun when it comes to confidence. It now looks like he’s on his way to being the king of manners as well.