TXT’s Taehyun Is Coming For Translators’ Jobs With Latest Post

Everyone stans a multilingual king.

When it comes to communicating with fans, nothing can stop TXT from sharing their thoughts and experiences with them. No matter which platform they use, they’re always keeping them updated. There’s only one minor obstacle.


Since they have MOAs all around the world, who don’t always necessarily understand Korean, they’re able to rely on official translations and those that fans provide out of the kindness of their hearts. With his latest post to Weverse, though, Taehyun may have come up with the perfect solution.

In the app that caters to fans of TXT, BTS, and GFRIEND, it can instantly translate posts into different languages, bridging the gap between them and their favorite artists. Taehyun didn’t want to rely on that and instead wanted to get his point across clearly.

His post began like any other, written in Korean. He then took everyone by surprise by writing in English halfway through. It wasn’t the addition of the other language that had MOAs taking a second look. It was the fact that he’d translated his own post, within the post.

I’ve just been wondering about the moon. If the moon I’m looking at is a crescent moon, can someone in [a] different place see the same shape of the moon at the same time?!?!

The fact that he’d done it so accurately had fans joking that he could take translators’ jobs. Others have joined in, wanting Taehyun to take over and translate their T:Time YouTube clips.

MOAs were completely prepared for this moment, having the perfect meme ready to go. Nobody needs the Weverse translator when they have Taehyun.

Everyone knew Taehyun was an intellectual from the way he easily solves fans’ problems and addresses important issues like global warming. Who knew he was a multilingual king as well?