TXT’s Taehyun Didn’t Like Soobin’s Birthday Trick One Bit

Taehyun was ready to have a “meeting” with Soobin off-camera.

To celebrate his birthday, TXT‘s Taehyun held a live broadcast, switching between eating and talking with fans. About halfway through, it was interrupted by his members. On top of the surprise, Soobin couldn’t resist playing a trick on him.

Taehyun minded his business, scrolling through comments when he noticed something was happening. He immediately looked up, seeing his members streaming in. As they counted and brought in a birthday cake, he smiled.

At this point, Taehyun hadn’t expected any more surprises. To keep it that way, Yeonjun even treated sweetly, feeding him the food he’d been eating before they’d come in. When Soobin brought the cake close to Taehyun, a couple of the candles lit, there was no question about what he should do.

Taehyun slightly leaned forward to blow them out. Quickly jumping in, Soobin did a complete fake-out. He blew out the candles before Taehyun could. He wasn’t having it one bit.

Right after Soobin whisked the cake away and they all laughed, Taehyun froze in place as he made a serious facial expression. Seeing the face he’d made, Soobin came back and hugged him.

TXT always take the chance to prank each other, no matter what the occasion is. Watch Yeonjun butter Taehyun up for Soobin to swoop in and trick him, starting from 18:16.