TXT’s Taehyun Ends The Entire “Milk Before Or After Cereal” Debate In One Sentence

Genius Taehyun strikes again with the ultimate intellectual response.

Over the years, there are plenty of habits that people can’t seem to agree on, no matter what. One of those habits is whether or not milk should be added before or after cereal.


Wondering what side TXT‘s Taehyun was on, a fan took to Weverse to ask him. He ended up solving the entire debate with one simple sentence.

When it came to choosing which method was the most logical, Taehyun didn’t hesitate to give his perspective on such an important topic that’s plaguing breakfast tables across the world.

Like a true intellectual, he explained that pouring milk over cereal is the best option. Many fans agreed with him but not for the side he chose. He gave sound reasoning for it.

Taehyun explained that adding the cereal first, followed by pouring milk over it, prevents the pieces from merely floating to the top of the bowl. Whether you’re trying to control your portions, keep it crunchy, or waiting for it to become soggy, pouring the milk first can help in every single case.

In the end, the choice is up to whoever’s eating it. Intellectual Taehyun may have cracked the case, though. Which side are you on?