TXT’s Taehyun’s Excuse For His Poor Selfie Skills Will Inspire You To Reach His Level Of Confidence

Quiet down. Confident intellectual Taehyun is sharing his wisdom.

If there’s one thing TXT‘s Taehyun is confident about, it’s his handsome appearance. In that category, he’s confident that no one can come close to him.

Even so, he admits there’s one area where he can’t quite showcase his good looks: selfies. His cheeky explanation for why his skills weren’t the best completely made up for it.

During a fan signing event, Taehyun was the first to address it. He faced the problem head-on, pointing out that whenever he takes a selfie, it doesn’t seem to come out well.

Since fans love everything the group posts, even photos of the food they’re eating, they were quick to reassure him they weren’t as bad as he’d thought. Taehyun wouldn’t accept it and instead came up with the perfect excuse.

In the most confident way, he boldly announced, “It seems today’s technology [hasn’t] been able to capture my beauty yet.”

If that isn’t the cheekiest way to flip a negative into a positive, nothing is. Taehyun takes the crown for confidence. To make it funnier, MOAs couldn’t even deny his statement.

Can’t seem to snap those perfect selfies like everyone else? Don’t worry about it. Taehyun has your back. It’s not you; it’s technology.

Check out Taehyun’s confident yet humorous moment here.