TXT’s Taehyun Exposes Hueningkai’s Angelic And Devilish Sides Of His Personality

Even so, Taehyun couldn’t see him as anything other than an angel.

To tie in with TXT‘s song “Angel Or Devil” from their album The Dream Chapter: Magic and Magic Hour, a Japanese magazine asked Taehyun to choose which category suited Hueningkai best.

Wanting to be absolutely thorough in his explanation, he decided to explain both sides of Hueningkai’s personality, starting with the angelic side.

Taehyun often thinks, “Ah, he’s angel,” when thinking of Hueningkai. Viewing him as a rare crystal, he doesn’t think there’s anyone like him in the entire world. He even provided an example of a time he’d genuinely seen him as angelic.

Recently, Taehyun had been refraining from drinking soda. Since it usually comes with their orders of pizza or chicken, Hueningkai takes his habit into consideration, “He ordered something different so that I’d be able to drink it too.”

When it came to Hueningkai’s devilish side, Taehyun didn’t have as much to say, which was a positive thing. He pointed out that Hueningkai loves to play jokes on them, jokes that take planning and require clever thinking.

Despite this, Taehyun didn’t see it as a negative. He knows that Hueningkai doesn’t hurt anyone and doesn’t intend to, “He’s incredibly kind, so I can’t see him as anything but an angel.”

As the youngest members of the group, Taehyun and Hueningkai have a special bond where they understand each other.

Taehyun’s acceptance of both sides of Hueningkai is proof of that.