TXT’s Taehyun Gave Soobin And Yeonjun New Stage Names They Couldn’t Help But Love

Soobin wanted the new name ASAP.

Every member of TXT goes by their real names rather than stage names. When asked if they’d thought of stage names, Taehyun shared the ones he came up with for Soobin and Yeonjun.


When Soobin asked for his stage name, Taehyun didn’t hesitate to say, “Pokcalee.” He even had an introduction made up of a play on words prepared for him:

Pokpoong (Storm) Charismatic Leader.

Everyone was impressed with not only the name but the ment as well. Soobin couldn’t hide his excited facial expression and voiced his approval, “So good. I like it.”

While they were on the topic, Taehyun remembered the name he’d come up with for Yeonjun. Since K-Pop is known all around the world, he wanted to go with something that sounded more Korean.

Taking into account Yeonjun’s stellar dance skills, he named him Dance Goblin, which made them all burst into laughter. They found it so funny that it looked like Soobin narrowly avoided choking on his food.

Although Yeonjun had laughed at the name, it grew on him to the point where he later called himself MC Dance Goblin.

If anyone ever needs a stage name, Taehyun is the person to go to. Watch him impress Pokcalee and Dance Goblin with their clever stage names.