TXT’s Taehyun Reveals How The Group Has Grown As Artists Since Their Debut

They continue to grow and shine as artists!

Since debuting in 2019, it seems as if TXT continues to show fans growth through their images, music, and presence in the K-Pop industry. In particular, through their latest album, The Chaos Chapter : FREEZE, the members have all shown growth by participating more in the album’s creation.

TXT’s concept photo for The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE | HYBE

TXT recently posted a video on their YouTube channel showing behind-the-scenes footage from recording their track “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)” featuring Seori.

During the video, Taehyun looked back at when the group first debuted and what it was like during the recording process for their early releases.

Back when we debuted, we didn’t know much. So I was just happy about the fact that we had our own songs.

— Taehyun

As time as gone on and they released more music and participating in those tracks, Taehyun explained that they started to feel more like TXT’s own brand and identity.

As time passes, the members are writing and composing more. But for them to be accepted, they have to be of good quality. It’s not enough that we wrote them ourselves; they have to be better than the lyricists.

— Taehyun

It isn’t just creating music that Taehyun believes TXT has improved at through their hard work. He believes that their focus and dedication have meant that they can have more input in other aspects, such as performance and choreography.

When we shoot concept photos, we make our suggestions. The members are participating in more areas than before.

— Taehyun

There is no doubt that all of the members have grown and will continue to grow! Make sure to watch the whole video below.


Source: TXT, FI and FI