TXT’s Taehyun Talks About The “Seriously Hectic” Choreography For B-Side Track “No Rules”

He talked about “No Rules”, and how it’s a really difficult song to perform!

TXT has a number of incredibly good, incredibly difficult choreography, and Taehyun gave his thoughts on one of them; the routine for “No Rules”!

TXT just made their comeback, and the members have also sat down for individual interviews with Weverse magazine!

In the interview, one of the questions asked to him was about their difficult choreographies, and the interviewer brought up a certain live broadcast that Soobin, HueningKai, and Taehyun had done, where they talked about a certain difficult dance routine.

On a recent V LIVE, you, Soobin, and HueningKai said that “that dance” from the album is also very difficult. Were you talking about the choreography for the lead single?

Taehyun then revealed that the choreographies for their title tracks are seldom the toughest, and it’s actually fast-paced choreographies for songs like “No Rules” that really bring the pressure because there isn’t a moment’s rest in the whole routine!

Actually, it’s never been the lead singles that are that hard. It’s “No Rules” that leaves us waiting to be rushed away by ambulance. The lead single’s hard, but I feel blessed to dance to that compared to “No Rules.” “No Rules” is seriously a hectic rush. The chorus repeats more than most songs, owning to the structure of the song.

Normally, like in “Can’t You See Me?” or “Run Away,” you can recover your stamina during the bridge. But it’s not like that for this song because we’re doing so much footwork.


“No Rules” is a B-side from their latest album The Chaos Chapter: Freeze, and has a fast-paced, hard-hitting choreography that the TXT members absolutely nail!

Watch their performance of “No Rules” here!

Source: Weverse Magazine