TXT’s Taehyun Has A Lookalike In “True Beauty” Webtoon Character

They look so similar that he might’ve inspired the character.

Around the time True Beauty announced its jump from webtoon to full-on drama, there were many fans who wished TXT‘s Taehyun would make his acting debut with an appearance in the adaptation.

Although that dream didn’t come true, fans ended up discovering a character that looked exactly like Taehyun in a chapter of the webtoon.

In chapter seventy-nine of the webtoon, many people had the same thought when laying eyes on the side character Kim Yeong Bin. He looked like Taehyun brought to life in webtoon form.


Despite Kim Yeong Bin being a minor character that briefly appeared as a friend of Han Seo Jun‘s, MOAs couldn’t get over how similar he looked to Taehyun.

Since the author, Yaongyi, is said to be a fan of TXT, Taehyun truly might’ve inspired the character’s appearance.

From their hair and accessories to their facial features, there’s no denying how identical the two look.