TXT’s Taehyun Has Met His Match In BTS’s Jimin Thanks To Their Shared Group Chat

Their habits are bringing them closer together.

Ever since TXT spent more time with their seniors BTS, they’ve slowly been growing more comfortable around each other. They’ve even reached the point where they have a shared group chat for both groups, which became a topic of discussion at one fan signing.

For TXT, there was no question about who talked the most in their group chat.

Without a doubt, they all chose Taehyun as the most talkative and active in the chat. When it came to the shared group chat between them and BTS, the answer was different yet the same.

Taehyun talks the most in the TXT group chat.


Taehyun was also the most active in that group chat as well, but he wasn’t alone.  They revealed that “Jimin hyung” was just as talkative.

In the new Big Hit group chat, it’s Taehyun and BTS’s Jimin hyung who talks the most.


Although Taehyun is a Jungkook fanboy, it looks like he’s found his match in Jimin instead. As they continue to take over the shared group chat with their talkative natures, they’ll soon be thicker than thieves. Who would’ve thought?

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