TXT’s Taehyun Only Needs 30 Minutes To Write More Songs Than You’d Expect

Don’t let his handsome face and humor fool you. He has tricks up his sleeves.

Through TXT‘s latest mini-album The Dream Chapter: Eternity, the members were able to show more of the skills they’ve been keeping under wraps.

On top of excelling in singing, they’re just as talented in writing lyrics. All five of them received credit for penning the touching acoustic track “Maze In The Mirror”.

Since the members typically keep quiet about the music they’re working on in their spare time, they haven’t shared much information on their processes. Courtesy of Beomgyu and Taehyun‘s past live broadcast, the latter revealed just how efficient he could be in songwriting.

When it comes to writing a song, he revealed his preferred style. Some individuals like to write the lyrics beforehand and take them to the recording booth.

Taehyun puts his own twist on the method, “I’m not the type to write the melody first, and then record. I write the melody while I record.

Everyone’s felt a moment when inspiration takes over and makes everything fall right into place. During those moments, ten minutes is all Taehyun needs to write a single song, “On days when I’m in the zone, I can write three songs in just thirty minutes.

Naturally, songwriting doesn’t always go as smoothly, “But, on days when I can’t get it, I can’t even write a single verse.

Yet, those slumps lead to even better songwriting down the road when inspiration strikes again, “If such days continue for a while and [later] get in that zone, it feels extremely good.” Beomgyu also agreed, experiencing the same feelings when working on his own music.

Because Taehyun is only human, he can’t churn out a song every ten minutes every single day. When he’s in the zone, though, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Check out Taehyun flexing his songwriting skills and Beomgyu agreeing with the creative process, beginning at 10:35.