TXT’s Taehyun Gives Rebellious Yet Hilarious Advice To Fan Who Wanted Red Hair

The fan’s parents wouldn’t allow them to dye it, so he offered the perfect solution.

For TXT‘s promotions for title track “Can’t You See Me?” and follow-up track “PUMA”, Taehyun impressed everyone with his vibrant red hair. While his previous orange hair suited him well, there was something about the red that made him shine brighter.

The new hair color even inspired MOAs to want to try it out for themselves. One, in particular, ran into a problem that Taehyun wisely and humorously solved.

Seeing how lovely Taehyun’s red hair was, a fan felt the urge to dye their own hair the same vibrant shade. There was only one obstacle in the way to stop them: their parents.

Finding their way to Weverse, the fan asked him for advice on how to handle the delicate matter. They knew he would say precisely what they needed to hear, “I want to dye it red, but my parents won’t allow it. Taehyun, what should I do?”

To show how serious they were about dyeing their hair, the fan uploaded three photos of Taehyun rocking the color, attached to their call for help.

Most likely noting how badly the fan wanted to dye their hair and needed his advice, Taehyun couldn’t leave a fan hanging.

He came up with a solution that would somehow manage to please everyone in the situation, from the fan to their parents.

Although he didn’t explicitly encourage the MOA to disobey their parents to dye their hair, he pointed out that an apology could smooth it over if the fan decided to break the rules. Taehyun cleverly stated, “Sometimes it’s quicker to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.”

When you’re under the guidance of your parents, sometimes it isn’t easy to follow their rules or understand the reasoning behind them. Sometimes breaking those rules is inevitable. Like Taehyun emphasized, an apology just may get you out of a tight situation.