TXT Taehyun’s Relatable Nickname For A Young Fan Has Everyone Cackling

Many people would’ve said the same thing 😂

Among TXT‘s Taehyun‘s many talents, like his mesmerizing magic tricks or powerful vocals, there is one that brings fans tons of laughter: his witty comebacks.

The latest one that has MOAs and non-fans laughing it up is how he referred to a young fan. The nickname he came up with perfectly summed up how many people view those younger than them.

In the first airing of Taehyun’s Counseling Center, he did what he’s continued to do into 2020. He read the various situations submitted by fans and provided his own advice for how they could handle it. There was one that caught his eye that he began to read aloud, “Taehyun, I’m going to enter a middle school.”

As soon as he read the opening line, he was taken aback by how young they were. Before he could continue, he made a shocked sound and gave the funniest response, “Oh, you’re a newborn.”

Since people often refer to the people younger than them as a kid or a baby, the fact that Taehyun took it all the way back to calling them a newborn had everyone cackling.

The young fan had only wanted to find out how to make friends upon entering a new school year. While giving them advice on how to start a conversation, Taehyun wondered if they had many young fans. “Are we popular among students in elementary or middle schools?

Funnily enough, with Taehyun being born in 2002, many would find him a newborn as well.

See his witty reaction to finding out the fan’s age and how he helped them find ways to make friends, beginning at 39:25.