TXT’s Taehyun Reveals Why He Broke Down In Tears Upon Winning Their Rookie Award

He felt sorry to Big Hit and BTS.

During the second airing of TXT‘s appearance on We K-Pop, they each were able to have an emotional moment with fans to share some of their innermost thoughts.


Taehyun took the opportunity to explain why he’d broken into tears when they’d won the Rookie Award, even poking fun at all of the images and gifs fans circulated of his tearful moment.

You all uploaded a lot of photos of that.

Taehyun revealed that he cried not only because he was extremely nervous, but the amount of pressure he felt. Surprisingly, the pressure didn’t come from outside forces. It came from their company.

I was so nervous, and it was so much pressure.

Taehyun acknowledged that Big Hit Entertainment and BTS had put a lot of effort into helping them become who they are as a group. Because of that, Taehyun voiced his concern in being able to fulfill expectations.

Big Hit, the agency of BTS, did lift us up a lot.

In his eyes, they haven’t been able to show the talent and effort that’s expected of them as an artist of Big Hit Entertainment and hoobaes of BTS. Despite this, the loud cheers of MOAs did help a bit to soothe his worries.

So regarding that, I’m nervous as it feels like we haven’t clearly proven ourselves.

As Bang Si Hyuk once mentioned, TXT are rookies and have time to slowly show everything they have and are working toward. Watch Taehyun hold back tears as he explains the emotional moment here.