TXT’s Taehyun Reveals How His Parents Reacted To His Dream Of Being A Singer

He may have asserted his determination…

On their typically long roads to becoming an idol, their parents are either their biggest supporters or their biggest obstacle to overcome. For TXT‘s Taehyun, his situation was a bit different. Neither of those quite applied.

A fan posted on Weverse about how they were able to open up to their parents and honestly discuss their dreams. Wondering what happened between Taehyun and his own parents, the fan asked, “Oppa, how did your parents react when telling them your dream?”

As always, Taehyun was an open book. He didn’t hesitate to reveal how it went down. Instead of beating around the bush or coming up with reasons explaining his decision, he got down to the source. He went directly to his parents and said, “I will do what I want to do.”

Whenever parents are involved, people tend to take a softer approach when beginning a meaningful conversation. Taehyun threw that right out of the window. His parents didn’t mind it, though. They gave him free rein to do just that, “Alright, then.”

The casual way his parents responded had fans wishing their parents were just as chill about situations like that. The emojis Taehyun used to reenact the conversation were just as funny, showing his signature confidence and sass.

Whether or not they agreed with Taehyun’s pursuit of his dream, everyone was going to see him debut as an idol anyway. If that’s not determination, nothing is. Whatever Taehyun wants, Taehyun will work hard to get.