TXT’s Taehyun Got Adorably Sensitive About His Height—Here’s What He Has To Say To Those Who Think He’s Short

He got adorably upset!

TXT is a group not only known for their unbelievable talent but also their tall height! While each member is tall, Taehyun is the shortest within the group.

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While Taehyun’s height is an impressive 5’10”, he looks smaller when standing next to his members who happen to be taller than him. Despite his tall height, Taehyun becomes adorably sensitive about his height and showed it during their recent appearance on “IDDP” for 1theK.

While reading his profile, Taehyun came across his height and commented, “I don’t want to see this.” His members and the staff behind the cameras couldn’t help but laugh and Taehyun added, “It made me feel upset all of a sudden.

Even though it wasn’t his favorite topic, Taehyun continued to read, “He is the shortest and only one whose height is in 170s.” After he read the comment, Taehyun warned those who find him short, “Don’t come near me, you’ll get in trouble.”

Soobin comforted Taehyun by explaining that Taehyun is merely short within their group but outside he’s considered to be tall: “He is short in our team, but everywhere else, he’s tall.”

The topic of Taehyun’s height seemed to be over until the members came across another comment that read, “He wanted to be 183cm in height. His previous Weverse nickname was “TAEHYUN Future Height 183.

Taehyun confirmed that the comment was true and stated, “Yes, it is. I just wish that my growth plate would try a bit harder.

His height might not be his favorite topic, however, MOAs know he’s perfect just the way he is!
Check out the video below:


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