TXT’s Taehyun Scared The Life Out Of Soobin Without Even Trying

Taehyun was minding his own business.

TXT‘s Soobin is a leader who isn’t afraid to step up and be his group’s strength. When he’s faced with something scary, he becomes an entirely different person.


Without intending to, Taehyun hilariously brought out that side of him.

After putting on his headband of rabbit ears, Soobin was prepared to stand where he needed to and began to walk past Taehyun. That’s when everything took a humorous turn.

Even though Taehyun had been standing right in front of the backdrop the whole entire time, Soobin had just noticed him. He was so startled that his body shook with surprise, along with the rabbit ears.

After calming down, Soobin had told Taehyun how he’d surprised him. Since Taehyun had only been standing there and didn’t do anything strange, he didn’t see how. Soobin explained that he’d thought Taehyun was a part of the backdrop.

Although Soobin had moved away from Taehyun, he was still shaken from being taken by surprise. He just had to take another glance at the person who’d almost made his soul leave his body.


Everyone has had a moment where they’ve been scared by something that was right in front of them. This time, Taehyun happened to be the reason. Watch Soobin hilariously jump out of his skin upon noticing him.