TXT’s Taehyun’s Sweet Interaction With IZ*ONE’s Yujin Is Making Fans Melt

Fans didn’t know they needed this until now.

KBS‘s airing of Music Bank‘s Half-Year Special gave fans the chance to see their favorite idols return to the stage for specially themed performances.

It also gave everyone a chance to see the sweet interactions between groups, like the one between TXT‘s Taehyun and IZ*ONE‘s Yujin, that’s melting hearts from how cute it was.

When the show prepared to announce the top song of the week, there was a clear winner who took the crown. Beating out the successful collaboration between IU and BTS‘s Suga, IZ*ONE took the win with their title track “Secret Story Of The Swan”.

To congratulate them, Taehyun held a gift that the show had prepared. He politely handed a beautiful bouquet of flowers to the IZ*ONE member that was closest to him: Yujin.

While it was a sweet gesture all on its own, it was made even sweeter by both of the groups’ themes for the show.

Since TXT were handsome princes for their “Fairy of Shampoo” stage, it was fitting for them to give flowers to IZ*ONE, who were Disney princesses for their “Secret Story Of The Swan” stage.

Not only did they look the part of princesses and princes, but they were also just as kind as you’d expect. See the adorable interaction that’s making fans UWU here.