TXT’s Taehyun Had A Sweet Reaction When He Thought The Members Were Getting Hurt

Yeonjun complimented Taehyun after hearing his words.

In episode 41 of TO DO, TXT‘s Taehyun had a sweet reaction when he thought the members were getting hurt.

TXT’s Taehyun
TXT’s Yeonjun

At the beginning of the episode, the members were split up, and they had blindfolds on, so they couldn’t see where they were.

The members didn’t like being separated and even heartwarmingly called for each other.

Beomgyu and Yeonjun, who got put in the same place, decided to be a little playful and screamed and acted as if they were in pain.

Taehyun thought someone was hurting the members, so he immediately said, “Don’t hurt them!” After hearing Taehyun’s words, Yeonjun complimented him on his kindness.

Taehyun is such a sweetheart!

TXT’s Taehyun
Source: Naver Live