TXT’s Taehyun Has Two Unique Secrets To Learning New Languages In Record Time

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TXT‘s Taehyun recently sat down for an interview with Weverse Magazine where he detailed everything from his workout progress to his work as a K-Pop idol. Regarding the latter, he expounded on his songwriting process which extends to writing lyrics in other languages.

TXT’s Taehyun

The magazine noted that he crafted song lyrics in Japanese and English which he only recently started learning properly. When asked how he was able to improve so fast, he shared two unique answers.

Check them out below!

1. Sports And Music

First up, Taehyun pointed out that it was his love for sports and music that helped him practice the languages best. The K-Pop idol, known for enjoying football and music from Western and local artists, grew acquainted with foreign words by hearing his icons talk in interviews.

Well, I’m a sports fan and a music fan, so I think I got better from looking up a lot of interviews with athletes and artists.

— Taehyun

2. Mastering the Basics

The other unique perspective that Taehyun shared in order to improve language-wise was about the past. According to him, it is necessary to first master the basics—also known as one’s mother tongue.

As a Korean citizen, he emphasized that knowing one’s first language can help build discipline in honing the succeeding ones.

I’m good at my mother tongue! I think you have to be good at your first language in order to be good at a second one.

— Taehyun

Practice, after all, makes perfect. Taehyun stated that it was because he’s a chatterbox that he was motivated to expand his vocabulary.

I think I have an advantage there because I love to talk in Korean, even. I work hard at it because I want to talk using my own words.

— Taehyun

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Source: Weverse Magazine