TXT Wanted Food, But Hueningkai Wanted Something Else Entirely

He only had eyes for his favorite thing.

At the conclusion of TXT‘s appearance on After School Club, they were excited to finally get their hands on food.


Surprisingly, that’s not what Hueningkai was excited for. There was something else he wanted to get his hands on.

As if the set was on fire, they jumped out of their seats and hustled over to the tables laid out with their feast.

When Hueningkai reached the tables, he didn’t pick up something to snack on. He instead snatched up the white stuffed animal that sat on one of the tables.

He was so happy to have a new fluffy friend that he held it above Soobin‘s head when he was speaking.

Afterward, Hueningkai continued to hold onto his friend as he jumped up and down, barely containing his excitement.

As if it wasn’t clear enough how much he loved stuffed animals more than anything else, he danced with it above his own head as everyone else dug into their food.

Everyone knows Hueningkai loves his stuffed animals. They just didn’t know he loves them more than eating food. Watch Hueningkai go crazy over the new friend he’ll be adding to his collection.