TXT’s Yeonjun Made A 2021 Version Of His Iconic Predebut Jin Ramen CF

“Shall we do the 2021 version of the line?”

TXT‘s Yeonjun is known for many things: amazing dancer, impeccable style, charming personality, talented rapper, and of course, a huge lover of ramen!

Before debuting in TXT, Yeonjun was in a Jin Ramen commercial, and in amongst MOAs, it’s a legendary pre-debut moment of Yeonjun!

In their latest interview with GQ Korea, TXT’s Yeonjun the group’s leader Soobin answered several multiple-choice questions regarding them and their fellow members.

One question asked, “What commercial did Yeonjun appear in before his debut?” Yeonjun and Soobin were given four choices to choose from.


While many of the choices seem like a possible answer, both Yeonjun and Soobin knew the answer as Yeonjun’s pre-debut commercial is iconic! While they both knew the answer, Yeonjun was able to grab the answer first.

Soobin adorably shared, “Ah~This is so unfair. I know this too, I shouted out at the same time.”

The answer was, of course, Jin Ramen and was asked by a staff member, “Shall we do the 2021 version of the line?” For his MOAs, Yeonjun recreated his famous pre-debut moment.

Check out the interview below: