TXT’s Yeonjun Accidentally Reveals New Hair Color On Live Broadcast

He thought no one would notice, but nothing can get past fans.

Every single member of TXT gets to shine with their own individual or shared live broadcasts several times a week. Following their recent trend of mukbangsYeonjun held a recent one where fans were able to catch a glimpse of what could be his new hair color.

As soon as the broadcast started, fans already knew there was something he’d been hiding.

From the very start, Yeonjun was completely bundled up. Wearing a black cap covered with his hood pulled over it, he seemed to be hiding his hair.

To take extra precaution, he’d even tied the strings of his hoodie so it wouldn’t fall out of place to reveal what was underneath. Still, it wasn’t a match for fans.

While Yeonjun was happily eating his food, he’d settled into being comfortable and became blinded by how good everything tasted. Not thinking twice about it, he’d moved to reach inside his hoodie. That was all it took.

From just that small movement, he gave MOAs the chance to see the new hair color underneath that he’d been trying so hard to hide. The pale blond was too hard to miss, especially since he’d been rocking blue.

Since fans had already created edits of Yeonjun with blond hair, they may now be able to see their dreams become a reality. If he isn’t instead preparing his hair for another color entirely…

Whether TXT are rocking wigs to cover their new hair colors or hiding them with clothing and accessories, nothing can get past MOAs. They see it all.

See the close-up clip of Yeonjun’s new hair color here, along with his broadcast.