TXT’s Beomgyu Once Called His Mother For “Help,” But She Ended Up “Helping” Yeonjun

Beomgyu wasn’t expecting this!

In a recent live broadcast, TXT‘s Beomgyu shared a hilarious story of how he once called his mother for “help,” but she ended up “helping” Yeonjun!

TXT’s Beomgyu | HYBE
TXT’s Yeonjun

For Parents’ Day, the members made snow globe carnations for their parents. Near the end of the broadcast, the members said that some of their parents probably were watching the live broadcast.

Beomgyu shared that his mother always sends loving messages after watching their live broadcasts!

Beomgyu then shared that one time, Yeonjun, who is not from Daegu, said that Daegu is a “remote village” and that “people would go around by riding horses and tractors.

Beomgyu, who is from Daegu, disagreed with Yeonjun and even called his mother to correct Yeonjun. However, Beomgyu’s mother ended up agreeing with Yeonjun! After Beomgyu shared this story, everyone began laughing.

Beomgyu’s mother is one honest person!

Source: Naver Live