TXT’s Yeonjun Was Big Hit’s Best Trainee Ever — Here’s Why

After seeing this, you’ll agree.

TXT’s Yeonjun is known by members and fans for his multitude of talents from singing to dancing to rapping.

He practiced as a trainee for a total of 4 years before making his debut. He has always ranked first for monthly dance, vocal, and rap categories during his time as a trainee. Members revealed that he has always ranked first, even if it was two people ranking first, but never second place.

Here are just some reasons as to why he is being titled the ‘legendary trainee’ of Big Hit Entertainment.

1. Dance

Here is a clip of him dancing during his trainee days.

This is a behind-the-scenes clip of his underwater choreography scene. The left video shows the actual video and the right shows the making of how it was filmed. He danced lying on the floor while it was filmed upside down.

Here is Yeonjun dancing to idol songs on We K-Pop.

2. Rap

“Cat & Dog” Rap part

Idol Room rapping

3. Singing

Here is him singing “STAY” live with Taehyun.

4. English

Yeonjun lived in the States for about two years during elementary school so his English is pretty good.

Bonus Clip*

Seems like he’s good at playing the piano as well!

Seems like we’ve got ourselves another multi-talented artist on our hands!