TXT’s Yeonjun And BTS’s Jin Love Saving Their Members Under Funny Names In Their Contacts

They’re both so unintentionally funny.

Sometimes, TXT and BTS can’t help showing their funny similarities as a HYBE family. Yeonjun and Jin proved it with the same way they save their members’ names in their phone contacts.

Yeonjun | @TXT_members/Twitter

When asked how he saved his members’ names in his phone, Yeonjun made Beomgyu laugh when answering. Rather than using cute or funny nicknames for each member, Yeonjun kept it super practical. He put TXT in front of all their names, like “TXT Soobin” and “TXT Beomgyu.

Although Beomgyu noted that many people use full names for a contact name, Yeonjun opted not to. He explained, “I didn’t add their family names because they don’t like it.

Beomgyu still found Yeonjun’s naming system funny, using it to tease him when moving on to the next question. He joked, “TXT Beomgyu will read.” Yeonjun wasn’t the only HYBE artist who was hilariously practical when choosing his members’ contact names.

During his birthday live broadcast, Jin sparked laughter when sharing the name he saved Jimin under in his phone.

Despite all the years they’ve trained together and spent as a group since debut, Jin kept it simple by naming him “BigHit Park Jimin.” The funniest part was that there were four others from the company with the same name, so Jin listed their contacts as BigHit Park Jimin #1, BigHit Park Jimin #2, and so on.

Jin caused even more laughter when showing Suga‘s contact name in his phone followed the exact same formula. He said, “BigHit Min Yoongi.

No matter how close they are to their members, Yeonjun and Jin just like to keep their phone contacts simple and organized—and being unintentionally funny while doing it.

Source: Naver Live 1 and Naver Live 2