TXT’s Yeonjun Called His Own Butt “Cute” And Soobin Confirmed It—The Rest Of The Members’ Reactions Were Hilarious

“My butt?”

The charming members of TXT recently sat down to chat with their MOAs in a recent live broadcast!

Like their other live broadcast, the members chatted with their fans as well as read their comments, and answered their questions. One interesting comment the boys read was about Yeonjun’s butt! Yes, you read that right!

As the members read the comments, Soobin came across one that stated, “Yeonjun’s butt.” While simple and short, the comment definitely grabbed Yeonjun’s attention. Shocked at first Yeonjun asked, “My butt?” Yeonjun then went on to unexpectedly praised it, “It’s cute.

Beomgyu exploded with laughter while Soobin hilariously confirmed the viewer’s comment and commented, “Agreed.” To prove Yeonjun has a cute butt, Soobin started to go into detail and said, “Yeonjun hyung’s butt is especially…”

Before he even finished his sentence, Beomgyu chimed in and questioned, “Ah, why are we talking about that?!” Soobin then agreed it was a bit of a strange topic and laughed it off.

Although it seemed like it was all over, Soobin picked up his sentence where he left off and shared, “But… Yeonjun hyung’s butt is especially more… the texture of the skin is very…

Just as before, Soobin was stopped, but this time he was stopped by Taehyun. Taehyun begged, “No, stop. don’t describe it! STOP GIVING IT ADJECTIVES.”

Hueningkai tried to wrap things up and commented, “The conclusion is that he’s got a good butt, right?” Hilariously done with the subject, Beomgyu questioned everything and asked, “Why are you talking about that?”

Source: Naver TV


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