TXT’s Yeonjun Calls Out The Member Who Ignores All Their Group Chat Messages

He didn’t have to say a word; all he needed was a look.

In every group chat, there’s always someone who doesn’t participate in the conversations as much as everyone else. During one of TXT‘s recent live broadcasts, Yeonjun called out the member within their group who falls into that category.

As Yeonjun read a fan’s question asking which member stays silent in their group chat, his head was already turning toward the culprit before he could even finish reading it.

Without having to say a word, Yeonjun stared right at Hueningkai. He didn’t even have to look at Yeonjun directly to figure out what was going on. While Yeonjun began to laugh, Hueningkai couldn’t keep from smiling at being the culprit.

Knowing it was no one else but him, it was time for Hueningkai to give his point of view on the matter. He kept his explanation short and sweet. It all boiled down to the fact that they see each other every single day. That wasn’t enough reason for Yeonjun.

Since he hadn’t named Hueningkai out loud, he referred to him in the third person, mentioning how “someone” reads all of their messages in the group chat but leaves them on read rather than responding.

Yeonjun made sure that he was getting his point across. While asking who that person could possibly be, he stood up and brushed by Hueningkai.

Many people can relate to how Yeonjun feels. When a message is sent, especially in a group chat, everyone is looking forward to the different responses. If the responses don’t come, it can be a bummer, even more so when it happens frequently.

Everyone has their own ways of communicating, though. Some people love to type messages and receive quick responses, while others prefer talking in person, especially when seeing someone often.

See Hueningkai’s funny reaction to Yeonjun lowkey calling him out about it here.