TXT’s Yeonjun Chooses Between Money And VICTON’s Byungchan

The choice was too easy for him.

During TXT‘s appearance on the Ban Ban Show, the main host asked Yeonjun a question he didn’t hesitate to answer.


He asked Yeonjun to choose between a $170 USD gift card or VICTON Byungchan‘s heart-fluttering ment.

Faced with a gift card that one can get anywhere and Byungchan’s one-of-a-kind sweet words, Yeonjun went the practical route.

When the host quickly counted to three, Yeonjun already knew his answer and selected the gift card. His choice was so quick that Byungchan couldn’t hide his surprise at being rejected.

Yeonjun didn’t hesitate because he had to stay loyal to his team, even receiving an acknowledgment from leader Soobin for choosing well. On the flip side, Byungchan’s sweet words would definitely be tempting for some. What would you have chosen?