TXT’s Yeonjun Reveals His Close Friendship With Stray Kids’ Felix

With one soft word, he revealed how close they are.

From ATEEZ to VICTON, TXT‘s Yeonjun has more than a few idol friends in his circle. While fans already know how close he is with Stray KidsChangbin, Yeonjun recently revealed he was close with another member as well.


Using just one word, Yeonjun melted fans’ hearts by showing just how comfortable he and Felix are with each other.


During the Double Trouble quiz on After School Club, TXT guessed the idol in the two photos and the different song promotions they were from to score tasty snacks.

Immediately after two photos of Felix popped up, Yeonjun showed how close they are by calling out his name. He didn’t call him Felix, though.

Yeonjun not only called him by his Korean name but put a cute twist on it. Yeonjun said, “Oh, Yongbok-ie!

Yeonjun was even able to pinpoint the songs they were promoting just from the photos, though he mixed up the order. Since Beomgyu is close friends with I.N, he immediately corrected it and snatched the win.

Since the two had never been seen together, hearing Yeonjun use the name that only those close to Felix feel comfortable using was enough to tug heartstrings.

Watch Yeonjun surprise MOAs and STAYs with how close he is to Felix.