TXT’s Yeonjun Comforts Fan Who Faced Bullying And Struggled With Self-Love

“We’d like you to love yourself more than us.”

Through M2‘s Speak Out For You, TXT received thousands of letters from fans in only a month. In the final episode, Yeonjun received one from a fan that explained how they’d overcome bullying as a child.

His response was a way to comfort anyone experiencing the same or suffering from not being confident in themselves.

Hello, I’m a precious person.

I got made fun of [because of] my appearance when I was young. So, my self-esteem was always low, and I had a hard time. But, I’d like to tell myself, “You’re a precious person.”

Looking in the mirror, I looked ugly. So, I was always sad and even hated myself. But, I realized that I’m a precious person.

After that, although I’m not perfect, I have my own strengths. And, even if I’m not loved by anyone, I write this because I want to tell myself that I’m a valuable person. I’d like to tell myself, “You’re beautiful. You’re a great person.”

Also, to others with low self-esteem, that you’re a great person. You’re not ugly. We’re all valuable and have reasons to be loved. So that we don’t get hurt because of people who judge others based on appearance, I wanted to tell myself and everyone!

— Fan

After reading the letter, Yeonjun immediately had to thank the writer for sharing such a personal story and congratulated them for overcoming the bullying they faced. “Thank you so much. Thank you for sending this story and great job!” The story turned out to sound similar to something he’d responded to through one of their social media posts.

Although TXT appreciate the love they receive from fans, Yeonjun had to point out what’s more important: self-love. “Once, when I was talking with MOAs through SNS, I talked about a similar issue. I said we’re grateful that you like us, but that we’d like you to love yourself more than us.”

Concerning the bullying the fan faced because of their physical appearance, Yeonjun emphasized that everyone is precious and has something that makes them special. Looks were only a small part of who a person is.

You say that you got made fun of a lot on your appearance, but our appearance is only one part of who we are. We can’t judge a person just based on their appearance. Right? So, everyone’s a valuable person, like you said, and everyone’s unique. It doesn’t only apply to you but to everyone.

Although Yeonjun is an idol and his own appearance is part of why he’s loved, he admitted that he could relate to the fan’s experience, from not fully loving himself to working hard to overcome that way of thinking.

Personally, I had very low self-esteem. So, I can relate well. But, I tried really hard to love myself. Now, I love myself a lot. So, I hope you don’t lose your confidence and continue to be courageous.

If you’re experiencing the same things, remember Yeonjun’s words and follow his lead. There are more important parts of a person than how they look. It’s what’s inside that truly matters, something no one will ever be able to take away from you–even if it takes time to appreciate it.

Listen to him comfort everyone with his wise words here.