TXT’s Yeonjun Continues Their Tradition Of Forgetting Lines On “Music Bank”

Beomgyu and Taehyun couldn’t keep straight faces.

Although TXT have only made their first-ever comeback with “Run Away”, they’re already setting traditions in place for themselves.


In a recent interview with Music Bank, Yeonjun had forgotten his lines and tried to play it off by stumbling through them. Ironically, the same situation happened to Soobin when they first debuted.

On the same exact show, Soobin had forgotten his lines and had to visibly pause to keep his train of thought and get back on track. There just seems to be something about Music Bank that makes their minds go blank.

Now that Yeonjun has also joined in on the new tradition, Soobin is happy that he’s no longer the only one. He and Beomgyu couldn’t stop themselves from poking fun at Yeonjun by replaying the moment as background music: “Warming up with Soobin-ie hyung.”

It started with Soobin and moved onto Yeonjun. For their next comeback interview with Music Bank, who knows who’ll forget their lines next?