TXT’s Yeonjun Earns A New Nickname After Losing His Shoe Mid-Performance

Soobin was all too happy to use it.

TXT have topped charts with the release of their debut Japanese single album Magic Hour, making it a success.


Following a promotional event for it, Yeonjun ended up in the spotlight for a very different reason that has both fans and TXT poking fun at the situation and giving him a new nickname.

In the middle of their performance for “Run Away”, Yeonjun’s sneaker flew right off his foot as he was running forward in their choreography. Even though it shocked fans based on their gasps of surprise, he didn’t let it phase him one bit.

While still wearing one sneaker and one sock, Yeonjun kept performing like nothing at all had happened. The funniest part was seeing the long-lost sneaker right beside him as he danced away. After the event, fans just had to know how it happened.

On Weverse, a fan asked how exactly his sneaker had managed to fly off. Yeonjun didn’t have a clue himself, asking his poor foot what went wrong. Beomgyu had nothing to say; all he did was laugh up a storm. The funniest part was Yeonjun’s new nickname, though.

When Yeonjun noticed a fan’s comment about a mistake Soobin made in one of his tweets, calling them “Tommorrow By Together” rather than Tomorrow By Together, he couldn’t let it slide. Soobin simply told him, “Yeonderella, shush.”

Yeonjun didn’t mind the nickname. When a fan asked him to be their Yeonderella, he was all for it, using his own rap lyrics from “Cat & Dog” where he referenced Cinderella to agree.


Based on those lyrics, he just might’ve predicted a moment like this would happen. See the hilarious incident where Yeonjun quickly became Yeonderella.