TXT’s Yeonjun Failed Many Pre-Debut Auditions—Until He Made One Change

“I realized I should take them off… And I got in.” – Yeonjun

Even though TXT‘s Yeonjun is known as one of the most iconic Big Hit Entertainment trainees, he had a bit of a rough road of auditioning before joining the company and debuting. Similar to many idols, he attended a lot of auditions, many of which were initially unsuccessful.

In a live broadcast, Yeonjun explained how one change in his appearance turned the tide for him, turning the streak of failed auditions into earing more successful ones.

Recalling his first audition, Yeonjun mentioned that it was in middle school. He hadn’t changed out of his typical student clothing for it, “It was when I was a senior in middle school. I was wearing glasses and the school uniform for the audition.

Since the first try isn’t always the successful one, he didn’t move onto the next stage, “So, I didn’t pass the audition.” Yeonjun did learn something valuable from the experience, though.

The more he attended auditions, he stopped putting on any eyewear, “At some point, I started having auditions without glasses.” That’s when he noticed a change in how successful they ended, “Then, I passed some.

Realizing the benefits of forgoing glasses, Yeonjun knew what he needed to do. To be taken more seriously and viewed in a different light, he no longer wore them. “I realized I should take them off. I always wore contacts for auditions after that. And I got in.

Sometimes, all it takes is a small change to transform someone’s appearance completely. See Yeonjun recall how it helped him get where he is now, beginning from 1:20.