TXT’s Yeonjun Revealed His Feelings About The Group’s TVXQ “Hug” Performance And Yunho’s Reaction

He must’ve been nervous!

As many TXT and TVXQ fans know, TXT did a performance covering TVXQ’s “Hug” at the 2020 KBS Song Festival.

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This performance was especially special and nerve-wracking for TXT as TVXQ’s Yunho was one of the MC’s that night. Following their performance, fellow MC, Yeeun Shin, interviewed Yunho and asked his opinion of the group’s performance.

Firstly, it was very refreshing. When they sang the last part, I was reminded of the old days. I wanted to take the stage and sing with them.

— Yunho

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TXT’s Yeonjun shared his thoughts on their performance and his gratitude for his fans o his V LIVE episode, “Eat Together With Yeonjun.”

First, TVXQ made their debut when I was in kindergarden or elementary school. I think so. I was so honored to cover their song, ‘Hug’ yesterday. We covered our senior artists’ song and our fans liked it.  I heard our fans liked it and I really want to thank our fans.

— Yeonjun

Yeonjun even revealed that he has been a huge fan of TVXQ and Yunho for a long time.

Honestly, I was a big fan of TVXQ ever since when I was in elementary school. I know their songs well. ‘Rising Sun,’ ‘Purple Line.’ I really liked them. I was a big fan of U-Know Yunho sunbaenim. Because he’s so good at dancing. I thought he was so cool.

— Yeonjun

Clearly, with Yunho being in attendance at the festival, Yeonjun paid attention to his reaction and shared his feelings with his V LIVE viewers.

He reacted to our stage yesterday. I was super honored. Very thankful…U-Know Yunho said he liked the stage. He’s really good at dancing and I covered his dance break part. I covered U-Know Yunho’s dnace part. I am not sure if I did it well. Since he’s so good. I am so glad he liked it.

— Yeonjun

It’s clear by Yunho’s reaction at the music festival that he was impressed by TXT and the fans were impressed as well. Perhaps after Yeonjun’s confession of his admiration, there will be a TXT and TVXQ collaboration? Fans can only hope!

Check out TXT’s performance of TVXQ’s “Hug” below:

Source: V LIVE
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