Fans Are Calling TXT’s Yeonjun And HeuningKai The Next Jin And Jungkook

It’s not hard to see why.

TXT‘s Soobin may be taking be taking after BTS’s Jin in many ways but fans have noticed he’s not the only member to take after his BTS hyungs!


In fact, Soobin isn’t the only member to give off some serious Jin vibes! Although Soobin may have picked up some of Jin’s habits TXT’s oldest hyung, Yeonjun, has too. He’s already proven he’s got Jin’s amazing sense of humor.


He tried out an epic pun on his members and let’s just say they reacted a lot like BTS do whenever they listen to Jin’s puns!


Then there’s TXT’s maknae who is giving everyone some serious Jungkook vibes.


The vibe gets even stronger when HeuningKai meets up with Yeonjun! You’re just not sure what the two goofballs are going to get up to…


Just like their BTS hyung counterparts!


Fans are already loving the similarities and can’t help cracking up over them too! Now, we’ll just have to wait for some amazing interactions between Jin, Jungkook, Yeonjun, and HeuningKai because we all know it’s going to be amazing!