TXT’s Yeonjun Had The Most Humble Reaction After Being Called “Big Hit’s Legendary Trainee”

We stan a humble idol!

There is no denying that all the members of TXT are extremely talented, and there is a reason that there are no fixed positions in the group. Each of the members can do everything from sing, dance, rap, and much more!

The members of TXT | @TXT_bighit/ Twitter

TXT recently appeared on You Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook, and as expected, You Hee Yeol couldn’t stop gushing about his guests, listing all of their achievements since debuting in 2019.

In particular, You Hee Yeol touched upon the nickname the oldest member Yeonjun has had since his trainee days, and that was “BLT,” which stood for “Big Hit Entertainment’s Legendary Trainee.”

If there was any doubt on why Yeonjun earned this name, he explained that he also attended extra classes on top of the basic idol training they have at their company.

You have to learn to dance, sing, and rap. On top of that, I also learned personal training. Yes, I worked out too.

— Yeonjun

You Hee Yeol also pointed out that Yeonjun seemed to come top in all of their monthly evaluations, and the members agreed that this meant that he excelled at pretty much everything he did.

Throughout the interview, Yeonjun seemed very humble about his nickname. Even when he tried to deny it, his members emphasized how good of a dancer he is, with Taehyun adding, “He’s a phenomenal dancer.

Luckily, You Hee Yeol managed to persuade Yeonjun to show fans some of his freestyling dancing, and it is hard to argue that he is extremely talented in so many ways.

The fact that, even though his members were so encouraging, Yeonjun was still shy and reluctant to accept his nickname proves just how humble the group is! You can watch the whole clip below.