TXT’s Yeonjun Impresses With How He Filmed His Underwater Scene In “MAGIC” Trailer

This is why Yeonjun’s the main dancer.

TXT released a concept trailer for their first comeback album, The Dream Chapter: MAGIC.


Out of all the scenes, fans were especially impressed by Yeonjun‘s underwater one. He effortlessly flipped in the air, with fans thinking he’d been using wires.

He even did a one-handed handstand. MOAs were convinced he used equipment to execute all of the moves. When TXT released a clip focused on the dance, they were in for a surprise.

Yeonjun did all of the moves without any wires because he’d really been spinning on the floor.

The handstand was him lying on the floor with one hand above him and one to the side. It had been due to the angle of the camera, but it can’t take all the credit.

Combined with Yeonjun’s graceful dancing, everything came to life to make everyone get lost in the scene.


Watch Yeonjun’s scene in the concept trailer to compare it to how it was filmed.