TXT’s Yeonjun Laughed So Hard At This Fan’s Pick Up Line That He Accidentally Hit His Head

That sounded like it hurt!

The members of TXT are thrown a lot of cute compliments and cheesy pickup lines and while they always make them smile, one pick-up line, in particular, made Yeonjun burst out laughing.

During a recent live broadcast, Yeonjun read comments and answered several questions from the viewers.

One fan’s comment managed to catch Yeonjun’s attention and his response was hilarious. The comment read, “Are you an electrician? Because you brighten up my day.” Upon reading this, Yeonjun couldn’t hide his reaction!

Yeonjun instantly cracked a smile and responded with a “Woah.” After some time, Yeonjun still couldn’t control his laughter and covered his face with his hands.

Eventually, Yeonjun expressed his reaction in words and commented, “Oh my god” and “I love that so much.

Yeonjun’s laughter finally died down, however, it appears he couldn’t get the cute line out of his mind. After he cooled down, Yeonjun started laughing so much that he actually hit his head on the table! Yeonjun’s head hitting the table was audible and the camera even shook a little bit and poor Yeonjun let out an “Ow!

Check out the clip below: