TXT’s Yeonjun Has MOAs Preparing For Heartbreak From “MMA” Hints For Next Comeback

Yeonjun may have a bit of a trend in the TXT universe.

Although TXT didn’t take home any awards from the Melon Music Awards 2020, they gained love from giving performances to remember. After opening with the darker track “PUMA” and following up with the cheery “Blue Hour”, fans thought they were safe. At least, until the very end.

Following their final dance break, Yeonjun kneeled on the floor as a hole appeared to burn right through his stomach. Sparking even more interest, TXT seemed to reveal the name of their next chapter: The Chaos Chapter.

| 1theK(원더케이)/YouTube

With that in mind and how Yeonjun’s character always seems to end up dying, fans are preparing for more heartbreak in the next comeback.

One MOA noted that there may be some logic behind why Yeonjun is always the one in danger. Since TXT’s concepts follow them as they’re maturing, Yeonjun would naturally be the first to experience every situation as the oldest member.

With all the theories their Melon Music Awards 2020 stage has sparked, there’s no telling what to expect. One thing’s for sure: MOAs will be keeping their eyes peeled and their hearts guarded for Yeonjun’s character.