TXT’s Yeonjun And NCT’s Renjun Both Showed Off Their Tiny Waists In Crop Tops But Served Totally Different Vibes

These two in crop tops are just *chef’s kiss*.

K-Pop fashion is constantly changing and evolving. K-Pop idols like TXT‘s Yeonjun and NCT‘s Renjun have experimented with their looks, trying out new things constantly.

From trying out adventurous hairstyles…

NCT’s Renjun | SM Entertainment

…to wearing nail polish with grungier fashion, these two idols have experimented with their style often. Another look Yeonjun and Renjun have both tested out is crop tops!

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Renjun has worn crop tops several times, going viral during “Glitch Mode” promotions for his slim waist!

He also attracted attention when he wore a crop top during NCT DREAM‘s performance at SMTOWN LIVE in Suwon.

Yeonjun is another idol that does not shy away from wearing crop tops for colorful concepts like “Blue Hour”…


…and when the group explores darker concepts, like at the 2022 Melon Music Awards.

Both of these idols rocked the style, but do you have one you prefer?

Same Fit, Different Vibes