TXT’s Yeonjun Didn’t Know He Needed Help Until Taehyun Came To The Rescue

Taehyun knew something was wrong before he did.

Although it’s been a year and a half since TXT‘s debut, the strong teamwork they’ve built in the years before that is part of the reason they’ve been so successful.

They’re so attentive to each other that they know when a member needs a helping hand—even if they don’t yet know themselves.

In the beginning half of the choreography for “PUMA”, Yeonjun typically hops onto the backs of Soobin and Hueningkai while gripping the latter’s shirt to keep his balance. When he performed the move during their appearance on BOATTA, it wasn’t as smooth as usual.

Because they always have each other’s back, Taehyun wouldn’t let him lose his balance and fall.

As soon as Yeonjun hopped onto their backs, Taehyun held up a hand behind him to ensure that he wouldn’t be able to fall backward. He’d somehow sensed that something was off.

Yeonjun’s footing wasn’t as stable as usual, causing him to sway a bit from side to side, even with the grip of Hueningkai’s shirt. Instead of looking down at the floor as he usually would, Taehyun had been watching and waiting to lend another helping hand.

Before he had to move into his next dance move, Taehyun once again raised a hand to Yeonjun’s back to steady him. The small movement helped Yeonjun regain his balance so well that he let go of Hueningkai’s shirt earlier than he usually did.

Even though TXT love to joke around and play pranks, they take it seriously when it comes to protecting one another from harm. If all it takes is paying a little more attention to each other, they’ll naturally do it.

Watch Taehyun keeping his eyes on Yeonjun to protect him from all the danger.