TXT’s Yeonjun Once “Crashed” Hwang Minhyun’s Live Broadcast — His Reaction Was Just Too Cute

Us too, Yeonjun. 😂

During Hwang Minhyun‘s past solo livestream, an unexpected guest made a surprise appearance.

While Minhyun was playing piano, a voice could be heard from the hall.

They quickly apologized, stuttered, and left…

…but fans were curious who the mysterious person was!

It had been none other than TXT‘s Yeonjun!

Fans found it even more hilarious that Yeonjun quickly took to social media to discuss what had just happened — and his reaction is totally relatable.

| Weverse

As soon as I entered, I was shocked because sunbae-nim was so handsome…hahaha

— Yeonjun

| Naver

Fans couldn’t help but tease Yeonjun for his adorable mistake.

| Weverse

Hahaha don’t tease me! It’s LOVE (NU’EST fandom), right…? Sorry for interrupting the Vlive! *bows*

— Yeonjun

| Big Hit Music

It’s okay, Yeonjun, all is forgiven!

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