TXT’s Yeonjun Opens Up About The Complexes He Has About His Looks

Although he’s an idol, he still has features about himself he doesn’t like.

No matter how confident someone is, there’s always something about their appearance they don’t necessarily want to change but aren’t as confident about.

TXT‘s Yeonjun revealed he was just as self-conscious as everyone else in an interview with a Japanese magazine.

When asked if there were any complexes he had about himself, he had two that popped into his mind, both from his looks. The first was something many people generally wouldn’t pay too much attention to: his arms.

From all the time and energy he puts into dancing, he’s gained many scars all along both of his arms. During their cover of SHINee‘s “Replay”, fans were able to catch better glimpses of the long, red scratches.

It turns out that fans don’t mind the scars at all. They’re more focused on the veins in them, which had one fan’s heart pounding.

The second complex he had about himself was his head shape. Since it’s not perfectly round and has a kind of dent, he was worried about it.

Once again, MOAs came through to ease his worry about it. Yeonjun revealed that they gave him a cute nickname for it, turning the complex into one of his charming points.

Everyone has something about themselves they’re not confident about. The key is flipping it from a negative into something positive or charming.