TXT’s Yeonjun Picks The Member He Wants To Give A Fashion Makeover

There were two before he narrowed it down to just one.

When it comes to fashion, TXT‘s Yeonjun is one of the most stylish members. From his vibrant, colorful hairstyles to his statement jackets, he has a style that’s all his own and isn’t afraid to be adventurous.

With that in mind, Weverse Magazine‘s Kim Ri Eun asked Yeonjun which TXT member he’d want to give a fashion makeover to the most. After bursting into laugher over the question, two members came to mind.

Yeonjun thought the maknae and leader could use some fresh fashion choices: “Soobin and Hueningkai.” When thinking about it a moment more, he settled on who needed it most, “Oh, not Hueningkai. I’ll take Soobin.

| @TXT_members/Twitter

Yeonjun reassured Soobin of his handsome visuals and gentle personality but pointed out his tendency to throw on sportswear. “Soobin is a really pretty and nice guy, but why is he always wearing workout clothes?

He noted that switching out Soobin’s sportswear for a casual outfit suited him well: “He looked great, even when he just wore a riding jacket, jeans, and a black shirt casually to host Music Bank.

Following another round of laughter, Yeonjun expressed his wish for Soobin to compliment his looks even more with a fashionable outfit. “Soobin looks good with just a T-shirt and a coat. Seeing that kind of person always wearing workout clothes—he’s the one I want to give a makeover to.

If Yeonjun gave him a  makeover, everyone would definitely be seeing a whole new side of Soobin with some edgy pieces.

Source: Weverse Magazine