TXT Yeonjun’s Pre-Debut Student ID Is Making Everyone Soft

He looked just as cute then as he does now.

As one of the new hosts for Inkigayo, TXT‘s Yeonjun has been charming viewers with his handsome visuals, tall height, and kind personality. Now he’s hitting everyone in the feels with a pre-debut photo that showed just how adorable he is.

Yeonjun | @TXT_members/Twitter

Digging up a promotional photo from TXT’s “Blue Hour” comeback, fans weren’t only paying attention to Yeonjun’s pastel pink mullet. MOAs couldn’t peel their eyes away from his student ID card.

When one fan zoomed in to get a closer look, they couldn’t stop gushing over how adorable he looked. Between the Doraemon and Anpanman stickers and Yeonjun’s throwback haircut, fans couldn’t resist calling the idol “baby” and “so cute.

Since Yeonjun is still serving up adorable visuals, it seems like he was just born to be a cutie pie.

| @TXT_members/Twitter