TXT’s Yeonjun Protecting Soobin From The Sun Will Make You Soft

Yeonjun may not be the leader, but he’s still Soobin’s hyung.

TXT celebrated their first comeback by filming a live broadcast of them walking around, enjoying snacks.


When they took a moment to stop and sit down, Yeonjun noticed something about Soobin.

Soobin had been covering his eyes while talking into the camera. Thinking it was because of the bright sunlight, Yeonjun asked if he was having a hard time.

Soobin agreed. Like the caring older brother he is, Yeonjun placed one of his hands above Soobin’s eyes to shield him from the harsh sunlight.

Soobin may be the leader that’s guiding the team, but Yeonjun is still the hyung that’ll take care of him.