TXT’s Yeonjun’s Response To A TMI Comment From A Fan Has MOAs Wheezing

If they were trying to get Yeonjun’s attention, it worked 😂

On the app Weverse, fans have the opportunity to send messages to their favorite idols and, if they’re lucky, get a response from them.

Oftentimes the messages sent to the idols are expressing the fan’s love, affection, and support of the artists, which no doubt the idols love to see.

However, there have been many occasions where fans send something a little more… Unique through the app, and sometimes they’re just unusual enough to get an idol’s attention.

On Valentine’s Day, a certain MOA gained attention online when their TMI message towards TXT member Yeonjun got a response from the idol. And… Well, you can read the interaction below.

It was certainly one way to get Yeonjun’s attention, and it was nice to see the TXT member respond with support(?) rather than disgust or horror!

Understandably, other fans’ reactions to this interaction are pretty amused.

It just goes to show that TXT and MOAs really do have a relationship where they can share anything with each other! 😂